Cập nhật đề thi IELTS general training – writing task 1 cần phải nắm rõ trước ngày thi IELTS tổng quát. Chuyên IELTS du học định cư ở HCM

  1. You recently attended a two-day course and the course organizer now asks you to provide feedback and comments. Write a letter to the course organizer, in your letter:


  • Describe the course
  • Explain if you liked the course or not and why
  • Provide some suggestions for improvement


  1. You were staying at friend’s house while s/he was away and there was a problem with the kitchen equipment, write a letter to your friend


  • How did you like living in his/her house
  • What was the problem with the kitchen appliance
  • Explain what you did to resolve this problem


  1. You have recently moved to another city for a new job. You will like to keep in touch with your friend. Write a letter:


  • Describe where you live
  • What your new job role is
  • Make plans or suggest when your friend can visit


  1. You haven’t received the prize which you have won in the newspaper. Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper with the below details.


  • How you won the prize
  • What is the prize given to you?
  • What actions you expect to be taken?


  1. One of your friend asked you to become a partner in his new business. Write a letter to your friend to decline the offer. In your letter:


  • Give your opinion about the business idea.
  • Tell your friend that you declined the offer
  • Explain why you have decided to decline the offer


  1. You lost something on the bus and called customer service. You were unhappy with their reaction. Write a letter to the manager of the bus agency. In your letter:


  • Describe the lost item
  • Explain why you didn’t like the customer service
  • Tell me what action you would like the company to take.


  1. Your agency introduced a new work uniform that you are mostly happy with except for one thing. Write a letter:


  • What do you like about the uniform?
  • What do you not like about the uniform?
  • Give some suggestions to improve the uniform.


  1. You recently attended a local school in your community. We need people who can help with the renovation of the building, as well as some activities. Write a letter to the director and tell:


  • How could you help?
  • When and why did you do this?
  • Who will help you?


  1. Your mate would like to come and work in your nation for half a year. Write a letter:


  • Recommend a city where your friend can find work.
  • Suggest some work that your friend can do
  • Give your friend some ideas on how to connect with the local community


  1. Write a letter to federal agencies to provide a relief fund for the citizens. Who affected the cyclone?


  • Which kind of charitable organization do you like?
  • How this organization work and assist?
  • Work that recently did by this organization?


  1. When you break your leg late, and your colleagues at work have sent you sound postcards and blessings. Get in touch with them and tell:


  • Thank them for supporting you
  • Explain how you invest your energy
  • Describe your recruitment process


  1. You are having a two-day meeting at a hotel in an unknown city. Write a letter to the hotel manager on behalf of you and the group members:


  • Introduce yourself and the group
  • Discuss the meeting
  • What else do you need


  1. The news company is about to launch a new TV show about a specific location. Write a letter with suggestions for what the program should be. Include the following in your letter:


  • How did you know about this place
  • What suggestions would you like to make
  • Why are you offering these proposals


  1. You joined as a new student in the college and something is missing from the information pack. Write the letter to the college administration


  • Mention what was missing in the pack.
  • The difficulty was faced due to the missing item
  • What could be done to ameliorate the situation


  1. You have recently left your job. Write a letter to your boss and thank him for the party he arranged for you before leaving it.


  • Tell him how you felt at the party
  • Explain what you are doing these days
  • Thank him for the party

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