10 đề thi Letters IELTS Writing mới nhất

Sau một loạt những tips về Letters IELTS Writing, đã đến lúc các mem cần kiểm tra kiến thức của mình trên đề thi viết thư thật sự.  Trong bài viết hôm nay, ieltshcm sẽ tổng hợp  10 đề thi Letters IELTS Writing mới nhất hỗ trợ cho việc kiểm tra kiến thức của các mem . Các mem đừng quên share về để dành ôn tập và cùng đạt kết quả tốt với những chia sẻ từ ieltshcm nhé.


  1. Next month you are going to Scotland to study at a university. On the way you have a three-day stopover in London. You need accommodation for two nights and you would like to use this time to see as much as possible of London. You will need to use public transport. As a student, you have a limited budget.

Write a letter to the London Travel Information Center explaining your situation and asking for advice on accommodation, sightseeing and transport facilities in London.

  1. You have a friend who lives in a city abroad. You have decided that you would like to apply to do a course at one of the colleges in this city.

Write to your friend explaining what you would like to do. You have decided that you would like to apply to do a course at one of the colleges in this city.

  1. You have a bank account for a few years. Recently, you received a letter from the bank stating that your account is $300 overdrawn and that you will be charged $50, which will be taken directly from your account. You know that this information is incorrect.

Write a letter to the bank. Explain what has happened and say what you would like them to do about it.

  1. You borrowed some books from your university library. Unfortunately, you cannot come back in time from your winter vacation and cannot return the books in time.

Write a letter to the library. Explain what has happened and tell them what you want to do about it.

  1. You travelled by plane last week and your suitcase was broken and you lost something in it.

Write to the airline company and explain what happened. Describe your suitcase and tell them what was lost in it. find out what they are going to do about it.

  1. There will be a plan to make your local airport bigger and increase the number of flights. You live near the airport and you are not happy about it.

Write a letter to your local newspaper, explaining where you live, describing the problem and giving reasons why you do not want this development.

  1. You broke your leg and were sent to the hospital. While staying at the hospital, your classmates sent you some cards wishing you receiving soon.

Write a letter to them, telling them how you broke your leg, what treatment you got and what you did each day.

  1. There is a tree close to your house and it causes you much inconvenience.

Write a letter to the local authorities explaining the situation, asking them to investigate the matter and inquiring about the expenses.

  1. You live in a room in college which you share with another student. You find it very difficult to work there because he/she always has friends visiting. They have parties in the room and sometimes borrow your things without asking you.

Write a letter to the Accommodation Office at the college and ask for a new room next term. You would prefer a single room. Explain your reasons.

  1. You rented a car from the car renting office. When you drove the car, you found that something was wrong with the car.

Write a letter to the car renting office, describing the situation.

Phân tích dạng thư, chuẩn bị ý tưởng và áp dụng những chiến thuật mà ad đã cung cấp sẽ giúp các mem nắm vững kĩ năng viết thư của mình thông qua 10 đề thi Letter IELTS Writing mới nhất từ chia sẻ hôm nay của ieltshcm. Còn nhiều cập nhật hữu ích nữa cho mục tiêu IELTS của các mem tại địa chỉ www.ilts.vn, ieltshcm, địa chỉ chuyên luyện thi IELTS chỉ IELTS cấp tốc tại Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh.

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