Synonym IELTS phổ biến cho một số từ vựng trong bài thi

Synonym IELTS phổ biến cho một số từ vựng trong bài thi

Hãy cùng cập nhật các Synonym IELTS phổ biến cho một số từ vựng trong bài thi bạn nhé, để có thể làm bài thi thật tốt bạn nhé!
Cùng xem qua thêm một số từ vựng học thuật các chủ đề IELTS khác để hỗ trợ thêm cho kỳ thi của bạn nhé!

Synonym của common: 

  • prevailing

Something that is common is widespread or universal. Something that is prevailing is generally current and supersedes others of its kind.

prevailing view

The scientist’s findings challenged the prevailing view of how water arrived on the planet.

reflect the prevailing

The senator’s position on the matter reflects the prevailing opinion of her constituents.


Synonym của develop:

  • cultivate

To cultivate something is to tend to it and help it flourish. This verb is widely used to talk about tilling fields and growing crops. However, as a synonym for the more general verb develop, cultivate veers into metaphorical gardens: when we cultivate talents or skills, we refine them, perhaps with lessons or practice

cultivate relationship(s)

To grow her professional network, the illustrator decided to cultivate relationships with artists she admired.

carefully cultivate

The celebrity had carefully cultivated an image as a troublemaker, but he was far from it in real life.


Synonym của goal:

  • intention

A goal is an achievement toward which effort is directed, such as getting into a certain college or running a marathon. An intention is what one means or hopes to accomplish or carry out.

announce + intention

The company announced its intention to go carbon neutral by 2035.

sole intention

The filmmaker’s sole intention was to raise awareness about global food insecurity; he was not interested in accolades.


Synonym của work:

  • strive

To strive is to exert oneself vigorously or to try hard. When we strive for something, such as excellence or success, we are making strenuous efforts toward that goal.

strive for excellence

The teacher instilled a love of learning in her students, and she encouraged them to strive for excellence in all they do.

strive to achieve

The scholar understood the historical document to be an expression of ideals that we should all strive to achieve.


Synonym của free:

  • complimentary

If something is provided without a charge or payment, then it is free. If it is offered as a gift or courtesy, it is complimentary.

enjoy complimentary

On arrival at the hotel, the two friends enjoyed complimentary refreshments in the lounge.

complimentary access

As part of a marketing promotion, subscribers to the magazine were granted complimentary access to a suite of additional titles.

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