IELTS Speaking: Bài mẫu Sample Answer cho Part 2

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Describe a problem in the area where you live.
You should say:

  • what the problem is
  • what causes it
  • what people feel about the problem   

and explain what you think could be done to solve it.

Sample Answer:
There are so many problems that negatively affect in our area and among these, the density of population, in my opinion, is the most severe one. While in many countries, less than 100 people live in one square kilometre, we have got around thousand of people living in one square kilometre. Because of this high population and population density in city areas, lots of problems are arising.

The expenditure to support living is quite high compared to the average earning of the people, a heavy traffic has become a common scenario in the roads and as a consequence, lots of time is killed every day. The lower economic people are not getting the proper education and hospital facility, crime has increased than ever, lots of unplanned and risky constructions have been established, the environment is getting polluted and seems like no one cares.

There are many reasons that caused this outburst of this mass population in our city and among those, the most influential reason is the centralization of industry in this city. Most of the factory, offices and organisations are located in this city and people from all area of the country are coming here to find a living. The unemployment in rural areas is another reason why people are trying to stay here. The political reason not to take strict decisions on making equal opportunity in the country is another reason. The businesses and job opportunity attract people to come and live here in this city.

People can feel the heat of this uncontrolled population and the problems are creating for that but they have little control over it. We all suffer from the problems and talk about it but I have not seen any big movement to solve this problem. On the other hand, the political leaders who can take initiatives to lessen the problem are sometimes corrupted to take appropriate and honest steps.

There are lots of theories to solve this problem and seems like we all know about it. First of all, decentralisation should be done and industries and factories that can be moved to other areas should be moved promptly. Proper education and job sectors should be ensured so that people can earn their living at their cities rather than coming here. Local government can be formed to support and improve each area of the country. Each local government should be able to invest and decide about the development projects in their area.

People naturally want to live in a better place where they can find the necessary infrastructure, daily needs and can earn a living. If that can be ensured throughout the country, this problem can be reduced.

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