IELTS Speaking: Bài mẫu Speaking – Chủ đề Job/Work

Bài viết hôm nay sẽ là IELTS Speaking, mốt số câu hỏi mẫu theo chủ đề Speaking Job/Work cùng một số từ vựng có ích trong bài. Hãy cùng xem qua nhé!

Sample Answers:

1.What do you do?

For the past few months I’ve been working for The Guardian as a news editor. In fact this is my first job ever, I’m working really hard to contribute to the success of this prestigious newspaper.

2. What are your responsibilities?

As a part-time editor, I am responsible for editing news related to different current affairs as well as collecting information for the newspaper edition.

3. Why did you choose to do that type of work (or, that job)?

I guess it’s mainly because of the job flexibility and my passion for journalism. To be more specific, this job offers me alternatives to the typical nine-to-five work schedule, enabling me to find a better balance between work and life. Besides, this job gives me opportunities to pursue my dream to become a journalist down the road.


  • Job flexibility (expression) gives employees flexibility on how long, where and when they work
  • Nine-to-five work (phrase) the normal work schedule for most jobs: giờ hành chính

4. Is there some other kind of work you would rather do?

At present I don’t think I’m able to dedicate myself to any other job rather than this one. In fact, to me it’s the experiences and opportunities I can gain that really matters.  


  • To dedicate to Sth (v) devote (time or effort) to a particular task or purpose: tận lực/cống hiến/dành hết thời gian hoặc là công sức cho một việc/mục đích nào đó

5. Describe the company or organization you work for.

 The Guardian is a National British daily newspaper which offers free access both to current news and an archive of three million stories. In April 2011, MediaWeek reported that The Guardian was the fifth most popular newspaper site in the world. I personally believe that the guardian is the inspirational workplace for all people who dream of becoming a journalist.

6. Do you enjoy your work?

Most of the time. Contributing to the news production for a world-class newspaper gives me a sense of satisfaction and pride.  


  • World-class (adj) of or among the best in the world: những gì tốt/giỏi nhất thế giới

7. What do you like/dislike about your job?

Well, the perk of being a news editor is that you’ll surround yourself with inspiring news on a daily basis. What I don’t like about this job is that I have to do a thousand edits to get the final one to meet the requirement of my boss. Sometimes I feel a bit overloaded with tons of tasks.


  • Perk (n) an advantage or something extra that you are given because of your job: điều nổi trội, đặc biệt trong công việc của bạn
  • Overloaded (adj) to give excessive work, responsibility, or information: quá tải, quá nhiều (việc/trách nhiệm/thông tin)

9. (Possibly)Do you miss being a student?

 I surely will miss my student life once I get involve in the workplace. For me I think when I’m a student, at least I have someone guide me, whereas at work mostly you must guide yourself. The academic environment appears to be a comfort zone for me, while I’m sure I’ll struggle with fitting in the working environment.


  • To get involve in (v) to become a part of (an organization): trở thành một phần của công ty/tổ chức nào đó
  • To fit in (v) to become suitable or appropriate for Sth or SO: trở nên hòa nhập/quen với sth/ai đó

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