IELTS Writing: Bài mẫu Writing Task 2, một số từ vựng chủ đề Food

Bài mẫu Writing về Chủ đề Food – IELTS Writing Task 2

Topic: Food travels thousands of miles from farmers to consumers. Some people think that it would be better for our environment and economy if people consumed locally produced foods.
To what extent do the advantages of this would outweigh the disadvantages?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words

Sample Answer

Due to modernization and globalization, people in different countries are able to enjoy varieties of foods in all seasons. This further makes a country or a region to focus on producing the best with the available resources in given climatic conditions.

Foods travel from local farmers to ultimate consumers and have to go through various stages to be sold in national or international markets. These stages may involve bulk-buying, processing, storing and packaging etc. It not only leads to increase in price of the food but also reduces its nutritional value. It has an adverse impact on our environment too. In order to avoid such problems, consumers can directly buy fresh and tasty foods from the local producers at reasonable prices.

Consuming locally produced foods also helps in controlling over-production and wastage of natural resources as there is no need to buy the food in bulk for the future storage. In addition, we can indirectly contribute in the growth of small and medium sized enterprises in every region. This will further boost the economic development of a country.

On the other hand, due to geographical and climatic reasons, all types of foods cannot be produced at one place. If we only buy goods from local farmers, we will not be able to enjoy varieties of foods throughout the year. Therefore, transporting food is the most viable option to cater to the needs of different regions.

So, in my opinion, we must try to consume the foods which are easily available locally but for enjoying the variety of foods throughout the year at a reasonable price, we have to buy foods from other regions as well.


bulk-buying: mua số lượng lớn

nutritional value: giá trị dinh dưỡng

over-production: sản xuất quá mức

wastage: lãng phí

boost the economic development: thúc đẩy sự phát triển kinh tế

geographical and climatic reasons: lý do về địa lý và thời tiết

to cater to the needs: để đáp ứng nhu cầu

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