IELTS Vocabulary: 10 Idioms nâng cao hiệu quả trong IELTS

Hãy cùng xem qua 10 Idioms nâng cao hiệu quả trong IELTS các bạn nhé!

  • Get out of hand: Get out of control: (sth/sb) vượt khỏi tầm kiểm soát

EX: Two men in the club had an argument that got out of hand and the police were called.

  • Get something out of your system: Do the thing you’ve been wanting to do so you can move on; get rid of a preoccupation or anxiety: làm (sth) giúp bạn không phải nghĩ về (sth) nữa; khi bạn lo lắng hoặc buồn phiền về (sth), bạn làm gì đó (do/cry/talk/write) để loại bỏ cảm giác đó

EX: If something awful happens to you at least you can write about it. I’m sure that helps to get it out of your system.

  • Get your act together: to start to organize yourself so that you do things in an effective way: cần tự chỉnh đốn bản thân để hành động/làm việc hiệu quả hơn, thường nói với ai đó khi họ phạm lỗi/gặp rắc rối trong công việc/cuộc sống/học hành

EX: She’s so disorganized – I wish she’d get her act together.

  • Give someone the benefit of the doubt: to decide that you will believe someone, even though you are not sure that what the person is saying is true: quyết định là sẽ tin một ai đó mặc dù bạn không chắc chắn người đó nói thật hay không

EX: She said she was late because her flight was canceled, and we gave her the benefit of the doubt.

  • Go back to the drawing board: To revise or begin planning something from the beginning, typically after it or a similar thing has failed: bắt đầu sth lại từ đâu sau khi sth đã thất bại

EX: We need to go back to the drawing board on this project.

  • Hang in there: said as a way of telling someone to not give up, despite difficulties; do not give up: thường dùng để khuyên sb đừng bỏ cuộc, hãy tiếp tục cố gắng

EX: Bob: Everything is in such a mess. I can’t seem to get things done right.

      Jane: Hang in there, Bob. Things will work out

  • Hit the sack: To get into bed and go to sleep (=Hit the hay): một cách nói khác của đi ngủ

EX: I have to get up early for work tomorrow, so I think I’d better hit the sack.

  • It’s not rocket science: It’s not complicated; used to say that you do not think that something is very difficult to do or to understand: sth không có phức tạp/khó khăn để hiểu

EX: My coach always said, “Basketball is not rocket science. It’s about putting the ball in the basket.”

  • Let someone off the hook: To not hold someone responsible for something; to allow (someone who has been caught doing something wrong or illegal) to go without being punished: để cho ai đó không phải chịu trách nhiệm/ bị phạt vì lỗi mà họ gây ra

EX: If you ask me, they let him off the hook too easily.

  • Make a long story short: is used to indicate that you are providing just the basic facts rather than giving a lengthy explanation for something; get to the point: vào vấn đề chính của câu chuyện

EX: To make a long story short, I ran into Tony and we decided to go to the game together

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