Từ vựng IELTS band điểm tốt về chủ đề Accommodation chỗ trọ và ví dụ áp dụng

Từ vựng IELTS band điểm tốt về chủ đề Accommodation chỗ trọ và ví dụ áp dụng cho phần thi IELTS Speaking

(all the) mod cons : các thiết bị tiện nghi, hiện đại

apartment block: chung cư

back garden:vườn phía sau nhà

detached house: nhà phố

to do up a property: sữa nhà

dream home: căn nhà mơ ước

first-time buyer: người mua nhà lần đầu

fully-furnished: nhà có đầy đủ nội thất

to get on the property ladder: mua nhà với mục đích đầu tư để có them được căn nhà lớn hơn và mắc tiền hơn

hall of residence: ký túc xá

home comforts: đồ đạc, tiện nghi

house-hunting: săn nhà để mua

house-warming party: lễ tân gia

ideal home: ngôi nhà lý tưởng

to live on campus: khu nội trú cho sinh viên

mobile home: ngôi nhà di động

to move into: dọn vô nhà

to own your own home: sở hữu nhà riêng

to pay rent in advance: trả tiền thuê nhà

permanent address: a fixed address: địa chỉ thường trú

property market: thị trường bất động sản

to put down a deposit: đặc cọc

rented accommodation: nhà cho thuê

single room: phòng đơn

spacious room: phòng rộng rãi và thoáng

student digs: nhà trọ của sinh viên

the suburbs: ngoại ô

to take out a mortgage: vay có thế chấp

terraced house: nhà nằm giữa hai căn nhà khác


Từ vựng IELTS band điểm tốt về chủ đề Accommodation chỗ trọ và ví dụ áp dụng trong phần trả lời bài thi IELTS SPEAKING. Có ví dụ áp dụng ở cả 3 phần thi nói IELTS

Part 1
Examiner: Do you live in a house or an apartment?

Callum: Actually I live on campus … in a single room in halls of residence … all first year students are encouraged to do that as they’re close to the university … next year I plan to move into student digs in town …

Examiner: Tell me about where you live.

Julia: I live with my parents in the suburbs of Madrid … we only moved in recently … in fact we had a house-warming party just a few weeks ago …

Examiner: What kind of accommodation do most people live in in your city?

Maria: In the city itself the majority of people live in apartment blocks … that’s what surprised me about England … most people seem to live in terraced houses with lovely back gardens …

Part 2
Describe a house or an apartment you would like to live in. You should say
• what kind of accommodation it would be
• where it would be
• who would live there with you
and say why you would enjoy living in this place.

Paolo: I think most people when answering this question would say they’d like to live in a bigdetached house with spacious rooms … views of the countryside and so on … but actually myideal home would be a lot different … I’ve always loved the idea of having a mobile home … a really expensive one with all the mod cons … so I could live wherever I wanted or at least have lots of holidays and be able to take all my home comforts with me whenever I travelled … I realise this would have to be a second home as I’d need a base … a permanent address … but the mobile home would be the accommodation I’d find it exciting to live in … I suppose once I settle down and have children I’ll want to get on the property ladder … I’ll be like everyone else … saving up to put down a deposit on a house or an apartment … I don’t think my family would want to live in a mobile home … but I like to think I’ll still keep that dream home in mind …

Part 3
Examiner: Is it better to own your own home or to rent?

Ana: I think both have their advantages … living in rented accommodation isn’t necessarily a bad thing … you don’t have a huge debt like you do when you take out a mortgage but I suppose theproperty market offers you an investment for the future … I’m sure that’s why most people preferto own their own home …

Examiner: What options are available to young couples looking for accommodation in your country?

Toni: If they want to buy their own home it isn’t easy for first-time buyers … mortgages are hard to get so most people live with their parents or in rented accommodation … but that can also be very expensive … you often have to pay rent in advance … and if the accommodation isn’t fully furnished you have the expense of buying furniture …

Examiner: What are some of the pleasures involved in making a home for ourselves?

Suki: I suppose it starts with house-hunting … finding your ideal home … some people enjoydoing up an old property … giving a property that’s old and tired a new lease of life … others like making wherever they live feel like home with some home comforts …

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