IELTS Writing: Bài mẫu Task 2 – Two-part Question

Bài viết hôm nay sẽ là về IELTS Writing: Task 2, một dạng bài viết về Two-part Question – có hai câu hỏi được ra về một vấn đề, cấu trúc làm bài phổ biến nhất cho dạng này:

  1. Introduction
  2. Answer 1st question
  3. Answer 2nd question
  4. Conclusion

Hãy xem qua bài viết mẫu và tập luyện thêm về chủ đề được đưa ra nhé!

You should complete the task within 40 minutes. 

Some parents buy their children whatever they ask for, and allow their children to do whatever they want. Is this a good way to raise children? What consequences could this style of parenting have for children as they get older?

You should write at least 250 words.You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence

Sample answer

In today’s society, some parents are becoming increasingly permissive. They do not impose sufficient discipline on their children, and in some cases buy them too many things. This essay will explore why this is not a good way to raise children and why it will have negative impacts upon them in future.

While it is understandable that parents want to give their children expensive toys and let them run freely in the streets, this is actually not really an appropriate method of parenting. Having too many toys encourages children to be materialistic and does not offer them the same change to develop social skills like sharing. Furthermore, when children have asked for the toys, it gives them a sense of entitlement and even power over their parents. As for giving children too much freedom, there are obviously a great many dangers in this world from which they need to be kept safe. Children also need rules and boundaries to encourage them to develop into mature and responsible adults.

If parents insist on this permissive style of parenting, their children will grow up with very different values from those of stricter parents. Children who were never forced to study will end up with poorer grades in school, and those who were given everything they wanted as children will expect everything to come easily as adults. In short, they will lead difficult and disappointing lives, in contrast with what their parents hoped.

In conclusion, although it is tempting to give children whatever they want, parents ought to set rules and boundaries, and to be careful with how they reward children. If parents fail to impose a basic level of discipline, children may grow up with a poor attitude that will cause them and others to suffer.

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